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For some people valentines day is just a big faff, but for those of you who love to celebrate love, iv’e got you covered with some great gift suggestions!

valentines day isn’t just valentines day for me, its also my wedding anniversary…

Which essentially means we go all out with the gifts!

Ive put together some of my top picks to suit budgets of all sizes. Theres a little section for him, but this guide is mostly for my fellow females.

Feel free to forward this onto your significant other to give them a little hint if you see something you like…


Gifts for him I always find are the trickiest to think of, well at least for my ‘him’ anyway…

My husband is the most awkward person to buy for. He’s not into fashion, or general ‘nice’ things so I always struggle with what to get. Ive found over the years though that some good old fashion male grooming is always a good way to go!

Bespoke Fresh Citrus & Vetiver Fragrance – £9.99
Now, this little bottle of deliciousness smells great, and it doesn’t break the bank either! He doesn’t need to know that though…
I actually like this fragrance for him or for her to be honest, but id say it leans on more of the masculine side. Available at Superdrug, you can pick this up last minute and chuck it together with a couple of other bits to create the perfect gift for him.

Dear Barber Shave Care Collection – £17.95
A lovely little gift set, granted this is only really for the guys who like to have a bit of facial hair to keep tidy. The packaging on this is really nice and makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is! The price point is really good, especially when you consider the product quality! My other half loves this brand so I’m sure it will go down a treat!

Masque Bar Bandito for Men – £3.99
And if you’re looking for something to just add that finishing touch then a couple of these male masks from Masque Bar should do the trick nicely. Let’s face it, no matter how ‘manly’ they act, we all lovely a bit of pampering…


Beauty gifts are always going to be a winner when buying for a beauty addict, so I’ve searched high and low to find the best recommendations to add to your cart this valentines…

White Glow Teeth Whitening Kit – £15
Why not treat them to a gleaming smile? Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment but can cost loads to have it done professionally, so the White Glow kit is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to smile, which is basically everyone…

Dr Hauschka Skincare – from £9.75
Now, the bath milk from this set is my absolute favourite! It creates such a relaxing bath and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. The rest of the rose range is equally as delicious and such a nice set to receive as a gift.

Sensational Rose Gold Starter Kit – £39.99
So most girls love to have their nails done, but that stuff gets expensive real quick! So what better gift than a starter kit for her to do her own mani pedi at home? The quality of the sensationail polishes is amazing, and the lamp is surprisingly good too, I actually use it more than my professional lamp! This kit comes with everything you need to get started and its also available in a snazzy limited edition rose gold at the moment.

Shea Moisture Jojoba Oil Range – from £10.99
This one is for my women (or men) of colour…
This range has been formulated specifically for afro hair and protective styles. So any queen (or king) who loves to wear their natural hair will love this set! You can of course use it on normal hair too, but I love that Shea Moisture have brought this range out for our ebony queens!

Forever Living ALOE BIO-CELLULOSE MASK – £51
These masks are a little touch of luxury and perfect for the ‘I love to spend my weekends at the spa’ kind of girls and guys. Now these aren’t cheap, but in this case you really do get what you pay for. You get a generous 5 masks in the box, so although pricey it still a lot cheaper than a facial. Perfect for giving a bit of luxury pampering so especially perfect for valentines day.

It Cosmetics Pillow Lips Lipsticks – £20
Now, these lippies are too beautiful to include in a bundle recommendation and I just had to give them a mention all by theirselves. The lippies come in a total of 14 shades across 2 different formulas, Matte and Cream. The colours are absolutely stunning, and the formula is just beautiful, not to mention the packaging!! These are newly released and any beauty addict will be dying to get their hands on them, so they literally make the perfect gift!

Or if you fancy getting a few different bits, why not get a beauty box?
You can either get a subscription, or grab a one time limited edition box, depending on what kind of experience you want to give.

Roccabox Beauty Box Subscription – from £9 per month
So if you are wanting to give a gift that keeps on giving, id recommend the Roccabox subscription. Its really well priced and you get some great products and brands included. This is a true discovery box and any beauty lover would be thrilled to get this, especially when it just keeps on coming each month!

Cohorted All My Love Beauty Box – £59.99
If you wanted to go a bit more luxe and do more of a one off beauty box, the limited edition valentines box from Cohorted is perfect. There are some super luxe brands in the box and a wide range of products included. Not just that but the packaging it comes in is very aesthetically pleasing and super sturdy! We love a box that can be re-used…


Now this is probably my favourite gift idea…

And to be honest, you don’t only have to include beauty stuff, you could make a hamper with literally anything you want in.

But, I’ve put together 3 suggestions for a proper pamper session!


Whether you’re buying for a ‘I only wear fancy fragrance’ or a ‘I just need something to stick in my gym bag’ kind or girl, I’ve got you covered with some delicious smells!

Missguided Babe Night Perfume – £28
Now, if im completely 100% honest I would never have even considered this if it wasn’t sent to me in PR, purely on the basis that its a retail brand (clearly im a perfume snob…). But oh my how I have changed my thought process. This perfume is SO nice! It reminds me of the smell that they pump into the Aria Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, and that my friends is my favourite place in the world. I get complimented every time I wear this as well, so its definitely going to be a winner!

Floral Street Iris Goddess Perfume – £58
Now this ones on the more fancy end of the scale, so perfect for any fellow fragrance snobs. Not only does it smell amazing but the packaging is stunning. And not to mention, the name of this is perfect for a valentines gift, I mean who doesn’t want to smell like a goddess on valentines?

Impulse Body Mists & Sprays – from £1.99
This is great for people who aren’t looking for anything fancy but they still want to leave the house smelling great. These are super inexpensive, but they smell sooooo good! My favourite is the Purple Petals body mist, yummy!
Now I wouldn’t suggest getting one of these as a standalone gift, so if you opt for these, either grab a few different ones or pair it up with some other pamper bits.


Ive got to the age now where I LOVE getting given bits and pieces for my flat, especially when it smells good! So, if you’re buying for someone who has left the nest and has their own place to put their stamp on, maybe a candle or some wax melts might be just the thing!

Floral Street Lipstick Candle – £28
Now this would actually be paired up great with one of their perfumes as well, but it packs just as much of a punch if you were to give it alone. This one in the fragrance ‘Lipstick’ is a perfect pick for valentines day. It smells delicious but the name and colour theme just seal the deal in my opinion.

Melt Envy Wax Melts – from £0.60
Now with these babies you can either grab a few different ones, or just grab one wax bar. Either way, you’ll be sure to put a smile on their face. They smell absolutely amazing, the cookie dough fragrance is my fave, but they look so darn cute just to have on display too!
Not only that, but these melts in particular are from an Indie brand, so by buying from Melt Envy you are also supporting a small business, which we love to do on this blog!

Le Couvent des Minimes Singular Candle – £35
For those who like something a little more ‘classic’ to put on the mantle piece or the coffee table, I give you Le Couvent des Minimes!
The design of the packaging on these candles are just stunning, and they smell equally as good too! There are a few different scents to pic from but the Rosa Aenigma is my favourite pick for valentines day.

Skin Alchemists
Midnights Seranade Intensive Skin Treatment Candle – £36

Now this isn’t just a candle, but its also a skin treatment (as the name suggests). The candle fragrance soothes your mind and body with a blend of relaxing botanicals in a base of cocoa and shea butter. Adding just a dash of maracuja oil, the candle melts to the perfect temperature liquid for an intensive skin treatment which you can pour directly onto your skin (just check its not too hot first).

And if candles aren’t their thing, then maybe one of these might be just the right gift…

Corkcicle Cocktail Shaker – £33
Now this one might seem a bit random, but stay with me…
This would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to get creative and also loves a drink. Whether it for him or for her, putting one of these cocktail shakers together with a bottle of spirit and some random cocktail ingredients would be an amazing gift! This is definitely something I’m going to be putting together for my hubby as he loves a cocktail!

Poo-Pourii – £8
Another odd gift, and I did debate putting this in but then I thought, if someone gave this to me id be well happy, so why not?
This is essentially perfect for someone who might be a little toilet shy when out in public because of the fear of that nasty smell that generally tends to come with going…
Or, to give to your other half in hopes that you will no longer have to smell the parts of them you really don’t want to smell.
Either way, this would be great as a little trinket gift. Almost like a valentines stocking filler, is that a thing?

CLEAN Space Warm Cotton Diffuser – $48
Andddd we are back to home fragrance. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with home fragrance, its always a safe gift. But these diffusers from CLEAN are both beautiful to look at and to smell.
I keep mine in my hallways so it always smells fresh when someone comes into the home, and I get compliments quite often, so a great gift for those of you who are very house proud.


Now who doesn’t love a bit of Lush?
If your answer to that is you, then we can’t be friends… sorry.

But in all seriousness, lush is perfect for anyone who loves a bubble bath, or even if you don’t have a tub and just enjoy long showers, they have stuff for that too!

Lush have the cutest gift sets, and this year they’ve got some cheeky peach and eggplant emoji themed pieces, which I am obsessed with!

I personally don’t think Lush are too badly priced when you consider the quality, and their gift sets are even better value. So unless you want to make your gift super personalised, the gift sets are the way to go.

Lush Valentines Goodies – from £4.95

If lush isn’t your thing, then maybe something from one of these brands could be just the thing?

Vanicure Essestials Kit – £52
Now, this is a gift specifically for her. Its basically a gift set for the V-jay-jay!
I like to throw in a few bits here and there that most people wouldn’t think about, but to be honest, every girl has one and every girl wants to keep it fresh and tidy down there.
This set has all the essentials to keep it smelling fresh and razor burn free.

Sanctuary Spa Lost in the Moment Gift Set – £16
And lastly, from one of my FAVOURITE brands when it comes to bath and body gift sets, Sactuary Spa.
They have a set for everyone and they always kill it with the packaging. This cute little heart shaped box is filled with everything you need for an at home pamper sesh, so it really is the perfect gift.
They have some other sets at varying price ranges, but I love this one because it doesn’t break the bank but it still has that ‘you mean the world to me’ kind of feel to it.

And that’s that…

Whether you are buying for him or for her, hopefully this guide has given you some ideas on what to treat your partner to this year.

Or, given you ideas on what to hint for…


Until next time…


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