/ March 10, 2020

FOREO has been one of my all time favourite skin care brands for quite some time now. I remember the day I bought my first FOREO product, it was a LUNA 2, and absolutely fell in love from there on out!

My most recent obsession has been the UFO by the Sweedish brand FOREO…

I say recent, but I’ve been obsessed ever since I attended the launch event a couple of years ago!

If you haven’t already heard of it, FOREO’s smart mask device helps you pack a full on facial into just 90 seconds!

What is a UFO?

In short, the UFO is a rather nifty little tool brought to us by the Sweedish brand FOREO, which gives that extra little oomph to your beauty routine!

Using the sophisticated powers of LED treatment, cryo and thermo-therapy; the UFO helps you get the most from your mask in just 90 seconds.

I have to admit, ive been slacking with my masks for the few months; so the UFO has really helped me get back on my game to keep my skin looking bright and youthful. Because it only takes 90 seconds, I can use it in the morning or evening and it barely takes up any of my time.

Because it warms up the masks, it really helps open up your skin and allows the ingredients to penetrate, keeping my skin moisturised for longer. Not just that, but because its linked up to an App you are guided through the whole masking experience to ensure you get the most out of your mask.

You literally get a mini spa like facial experience from the comfort of your own home!

So how does it work?

This cheeky little device uses Hyper-Infusion technology which combines heating, cooling and T-Sonic pulsations to instantly infuse serum into even the deepest layers of your skin.

This clever technology not only helps to keep that moisture locked in tight but it also reduces the appearance of pores! With the different heat levels and pulsations, its also like having a little massage while doing your treatment. Super relaxing!

Speaking of the different heat levels… the Thermo-Therapy mode has been developed to provide a gentle heat which warms up the skin, prepping it to soak up all that mask goodness!

The temperatures are dependant on which treatment you are doing, so its all individual to the mask you choose to use. Combined with a little Cryo-Therapy, which was developed to help lift and firm the skin, as well as vanishing your pores and reduce puffiness.

And with everything else there’s of course a bit of LED light therapy thrown in for good measure.

The red LED helps to reduce signs of ageing, keeping us looking younger for longer (thank the skin care gods!), while the green LED helps to brighten up the complexing and even out skin tone. Finishing off with a bit of blue LED which just helps to give your complexion a nice healthy glow.

Each different treatment is designed for a different mask, which incorporates their own sequence of wavelengths to enhance the masks ingredients.

And lets not forget the pulsations, the T-Sonic pulsations to be specific…

By having the device make little pulsations, it helps the light diffuse deeper into the pores meaning the results you see are even better! They help to stimulate blood circulation which means your skin works even harder as renewing itself to its baby soft former glory!

All in all, this clever little device is designed to delivery the most out of the range of face masks FOREO have to offer.

Lets Talk Masks…

So the device is great and all, but lets me honest… its nothing without the magical little masks that have been designed to use with it.

There are a few different masks, depending on what you want to achieve and what kind of skin you have. Personally, I have combination oily skin so the Matte Maniac and H2Overdose masks are great for me, dependant on what kind of skin day I’m having. Although I really enjoy using the day and night time face masks as well.

Each of the different masks have their own individual ingredients, which are made even more effective by using them with the UFO smart mask device.

Now technically speaking you could use another mask with the device, but it wouldn’t give you the same kind of results. Each of the FOREO masks have their own programme on the app, so when you scan the barcode, depending on which mask you are using will depend on the pulsations and light/heat the UFO uses during the application. So, if you use it with just any sheet mask, you won’t get the same effects.

Because of the combination of amazing ingredients and even more amazing technology, these little 90 second smart mask treatments work even better than some of my favourite masks, even the super pricey ones! And what’s even better is you don’t have to wash your face off after like some other messy masks.

Overall Thoughts…

Since regularly using the UFO face masks I have noticed a difference in the overall health and appearance of my skin.

Although the device is on the pricey side, it really is an investment for your skin and its a one off purchase. After that, you just need to keep stocked up on the masks to go in it.

Because of the variety of masks now there is something for everyone, and with my skin journey ive been through since going on and coming off of roaccutane, I have experienced the driest of dry skin and the oiliest of oily skin. Ive really been able to test this on a variety of skin types lol.

I would 100% recommend this little skin gadget, especially if you want to have a better skin routine but just don’t have the time to commit!

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