/ March 12, 2020

It’s that time of year again where Artistry Studio launch their latest collection from their ‘around the world’ series they are doing. I’ve covered their previous launches from NYC to Paris and then onto Bangkok. Now its time to celebrate the Tokyo launch with eight new products and of course a stunning packaging design!

So let me introduce you to the products that make up this launch.

Oh-So-Colorful Mascara
Sweet Sakura Fragrance Mist
Refreshing Yuzu Fragrance Mist
Eye & Lip Beauty Box
Power Brow Pen
Jelly Plumping Lip Tint
Correct & Perfect Face Compact
Oh-So-Cheeky Blusher

There is a really nice variety of different bits and bobs here, which is no surprise really when it comes to Artistry Studio.

Not only are the pieces in this collection practical, but they are still fun with pops of colour in the mascara and the eye and lip palette!

They eyeshadow colours in the palette are super pretty! There are five shimmer shades, which are more of a sheer formula. Now, by sheer I don’t mean that they aren’t pigmented, because they are; but they aren’t super in your face and would work well both on their own or as a topper.

There are also five lip shades, three glossy and two which are more of a powder matte formula. For me personally, I don’t tend to reach for lip products in palette form; but this would be perfect for a makeup artist or for someone who travels a lot!

So which products stand out to me the most I hear you asking…

For me it has to be the blusher and the fragrance mists!

The blusher is not only a gorgeous colour (I have the shade Kimono Pink) but the packaging is amazing. It has a little built in cushion which the blusher comes through when you dab it onto the cheeks. It’s so easy to use and perfect for on the go. The cap has a little mirror on it too so you can literally apply this anywhere!

Moving onto the fragrance mists, both of them smell incredible!

These are great to chuck in your bag and spritz a little throughout the day to keep you smelling fresh. The Sweet Sakura spray is inspired by the sweet scent of sakura trees and the Refreshing Yuzu mist is inspired by Japanese citrus fruits scent and notes of dewy lotus flowers floating in a garden pond. They really capture the inspiration perfectly and smell absolutely amazing.

One other product I did want to mention was the power brow pen. I haven’t tried this one out myself personally as ive recently had my brows microbladed, but if I was still drawing on my brows every day this would have been perfect for me.

The brow pen has little tiny slits in it meaning that when you flick it through your brows it creates tiny little hair strokes. It looks amazing and I would be the first to try it if my brows weren’t permanently on my face already!

Overall Thoughts…

Lets face it, you already know what im going to say.

Its amazing!

Artistry Studio never disappoints with its launches and the Tokyo launch is no different. There really is something for everyone in this collection, whether you are looking for something to plump up your lips or add a little colour to your lashes, this launch has it all.

If you only get one thing though, definitely grab yourself a blush! I just need to get a hold of the other two shades to complete my collection.

Until next time…


*This post is sponsored by Amway, but all opinions are honest and my own. Amway encourages bloggers to provide true and honest reviews whether sponsored or not.

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