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IT WORKS! My experience on a 2 Day Weight loss Cleanse

Recently I tested out a 2 day weightloss cleanse from the brand It Works. The cleanse consists of four 4 oz drinks to be consumed before breakfast and dinner over just 2 days. They claim that you could potentially lose 3-8 pounds of toxic sludge and de-bloat your belly! These are big claims so I was sceptical considering…
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INC.Credible – The name says it all!

SAY HELLO TO A NEW WAVE OF AMAZING NAILS, LIPS, AND SKIN   If you didn’t already know, INC.redible are the sister brand of NailsINC. This is their new(ish) cosmetics/skincare line and I have to say it lives up to its name! INC.redible recently got in touch and asked if I wanted to try some…
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NAILSINC Champagne Shine – The Duo to DIE For!

  These Duo’s from NAILSINC just keep getting better and better!   I have loved nail polish for as long as I was old enough to use it! Ive always loved taking care of my nails and changing the colour of my polish. Ive been been known to do a little nail art here and…
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Why put mud on your face when you can put gold on it? | MasqueBAR Foiled Sheet Masks!

  As soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them!   I discovered MasqueBAR at BeautyCon 2017 and have fallen in love with their sheet masks ever since! I am a HUGE fan of sheet masks, and well just skin care in general so I am always on the lookout for…
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31 ‘Must Have’ Beauty Products Tried & Tested!

So you may be thinking “why are you testing out so many products all at once?” and the answer to that question is, because im crazy! No, its actually because I wanted to do a little product to test out a bunch of new stuff, that I had no control over choosing and share it…
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Cruelty Free, Organic, Eco Friendly & Natural, This is how beauty should be! | MUDD Beauty

MUDD BEAUTY How Beauty Should Be! “Mudd Beauty is a makeup brand designed to enhance beauty whilst it also aligns with your health values. The company work closely with cosmetic labs that specialize in natural and organic ingredients to leave the skin feeling rejuvenated whilst still providing quality makeup that performs like your favorite conventional brands. We strive to perfect…
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