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31 ‘Must Have’ Beauty Products Tried & Tested!

So you may be thinking “why are you testing out so many products all at once?” and the answer to that question is, because im crazy! No, its actually because I wanted to do a little product to test out a bunch of new stuff, that I had no control over choosing and share it…
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Cruelty Free, Organic, Eco Friendly & Natural, This is how beauty should be! | MUDD Beauty

MUDD BEAUTY How Beauty Should Be! “Mudd Beauty is a makeup brand designed to enhance beauty whilst it also aligns with your health values. The company work closely with cosmetic labs that specialize in natural and organic ingredients to leave the skin feeling rejuvenated whilst still providing quality makeup that performs like your favorite conventional brands. We strive to perfect…
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Lets Talk Beauty Boxes… Is BIRCH BOX worth the money?

Is BIRCHBOX worth it? Lets see whats in my March box!   “Get the UK’s No.1 Beauty Box with 5 beauty treats tailored to your skin, hair and style. Find What Works For You, no commitments, no contract, cancel any time with our monthly option.” – NUXE Reve de Miel Body Scrub   The first…
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5 Things People With Oily Skin NEED In Their Life!

If you are anything like me then you have skin that produces enough oil to cook a full English breakfast with! I know… ewwww! Over the years I have tried sooooooo many products to help keep my oiliness at bay, and so I thought it might be an idea to share those with my fellow…
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The Make-Up Brand That Does Things Differently! | Phase Zero Beauty

“Receive the best in colour cosmetics at factory prices, Meaning you have more time and money to live your look! At Phase Zero, we’re all about you — by using customer feedback, snap surveys and polls we’ll bring you the shades you actually want, so that your hours of shade searching are OVER!” – The…
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The Beauty Brand That Will Change Your Make-Up Game! | MDMFlow

I discovered this little brand called MDMFlow about a year ago when I received a lipstick from them in one of my Glossy Boxes. I loved the lipstick I received but as I already had so much makeup I didn’t really think to look into the brand any further. Well that was a BIG mistake!…
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