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Brushes are A Girls Best Friend! | Brush Works HD Brushes

I should probably start by explaining that I am obsessed with makeup brushes!  Now when I say obsessed, I mean I literally have 8 brush pots full up and frequently have to declutter in order to make room for new ones! You might ask, why do you need so many brushes? And to be honest,…
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How I keep my skin spotless! | CurrentBody

If you’ve been following me for a little while now you will know I’ve been going through a huge battle with my skin pretty much since I was a teenager, although its become much worse in my adult life. I have tried pretty much everything to clear up my acne and although it hasn’t been…
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How I loose weight whilst on the go! | So Shape

You might remember that not too long ago I introduced you wonderful lot to So Shape, which I managed to loose 5 pounds in just 10 days. Well, they reached out to me again and wondered if I would like to try some more of their smart meals and smart food. Me being me obviously…
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NEW IN BEAUTY – 10 products that are actually worth your time and money

There are so many new releases in the beauty industry now it can sometimes be really difficult to decide whats actually worth your time and more importantly, your money! Ive done some searching and have put together a cheeky list of 10 new launches that are worth your investments. This post might be a long…
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The only place to get your Kitchenware – Chefs Collection

This post is a little different than my usual beauty posts, but I really wanted to start doing some more lifestyle related posts so lets give this a go! Recently I had the privilege of being sent a few bits from Chefs Collection for the purposes of a review, and well… here it is! Now,…
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Vionic Shoes… The New Collection for Autumn/Winter!

Recently Vionic shoes released one of their most stylish collections to date and I had the please of attending the launch party! Now, when I say I attended the launch party, what I really mean is that I was delayed in arriving so much so that I actually ended up missing pretty much the whole…
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