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The ULTIMATE Beauty Box! | Hearst Magazines Make Beauty Boxes?

  Is this the ULTIMATE beauty box?     “Look and feel your best with our brand new beauty box. For just £40, you get £198 worth of amazing products – all Handpicked by GH beauty director Eve Cameron” –   I am a big fan of beauty boxes and I have tried my…
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I might have discovered a LEGITIMATE bottle of magic! | Heal Gel

HEALGEL Is it actually magic?       As we all know by now, doing what I do I quite often get sent samples of various beauty products to test out and review for you guys. Im super fortunate to be in that position and of course super grateful too! Recently I was sent a…
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My own experience with mental health | Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

  Mental health has always been one of those subjects that people are afraid to talk about, myself included. But since its mental health awareness week I thought it was time to finally bite the bullet and write about my own experiences and issues I’ve had with mental health. This post isn’t going to be…
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An Eczema treatment that actually WORKS! | Potion London

So… thankfully I don’t have the misfortune of suffering from eczema myself, however my best bae (Remi) has suffered with it for years! Over the last 6 months to a year her skin has been particularly bad, so much so that she has used multiple medicated creams and tablets, and undergone various treatments! She has…
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Move over Lush! Theres a new boutique in town! | emilymakesboutique

  Emily Makes Boutique also makes BATH BOMBS! If you follow me on Instagram you already know how much of a fan I am of the candles and wax melts from this cute AF indy brand! Emily has done it again! (the girl behind the brand… not me) Last month EMB launched their new bath…
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You need to try these Beauty Supplements! | Potion London

“Health and beauty supplements with a difference. Potion London is a new health and wellness brand dedicated to making your life healthier, easier and more beautiful.  We take the mystery out of food supplements by making it easy to choose the best ones for you.” –   So you may or may not know that…
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