Duck & Dry Xpress x Primark | My Experience

/ May 6, 2019

For those of you who haven’t heard of Duck & Dry they are “London’s finest blow dry and updo bar” with locations in Chelsea, Oxford Circus, Soho, Spitalfields and Mayfair. Recently Duck & Dry launched their new sister brand, Duck & Dry Xpress, in collaboration with Primark offering hair, nail & brow services in select stores! The new Xpress services

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The Ritual of Namaste | The best collection from Rituals yet?

/ April 19, 2019

Rituals is a brand I have loved for some time now. The brand screams luxury and the unique fragrances they come up with smell absolutely divine! Rituals recently launched their new Namaste range and I have to say I am impressed from everything from the packaging down to the formulas. Disclaimer: these products were gifted to me, but all opinions

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My Ultimate Travel Essentials When Going on Vacation! | Flying Edition

/ March 13, 2019

Whenever I go anywhere overnight I have to take a suitcase because I’m a classic over packer. However, in 2019 I have made it my mission to whittle my essentials down when travelling and so I’ve come up with a cheeky guide on what I (and probably you…) actually need to take with you. Travel Cases It goes without saying

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2018 Best Bits | MrsGregory

/ January 7, 2019

2018 has been an amazing year for me, but also really kinda crappy. I have been through a lot of bad times, gained a lot of weight that in the previous couple of years worked so hard to loose; but when I look back, so much good has come from 2018 as well. So here’s a quick sum up of

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Stationary Lovers Come This Way | Design Works Ink UK

/ January 5, 2019

Well hello there and welcome to my first post about, well… stationary. This post is for all the little stationary nerds in the world, so if that’s not your thing then I have tons of other post for you to read here instead. So, recently I saw one of my favourite people, Dom from DomAndInk, post about a company called

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Heyland & Whittle | My Home Never Smelt Better!

/ January 3, 2019

So recently I was kindly gifted a little selection of goodies from Heyland & Whittle… After trying and testing out the products for a few weeks I decided it was time to share these beauties with you guys. Having never tried the brand before now, I was super impressed with the design, quality and unique fragrances they have to offer.

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My Birthday Wish List | 2018

/ October 27, 2018

As you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up (November 8 to be exact) and I’m turning the grand old age of 27! Ive got to the age now where as much as I love having a day thats just for me and being able to spend it how I want to spend it (usually with my

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