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The perfect pick me up for THAT time of the month | Pink Parcel

/ July 12, 2019

Us girls all have that one portion of each month where we get moody, irrational and just can’t stop eating! We get cramps, we break out, our body’s are sensitive and then there’s the gross part… Its a tough deal, but there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it. It’s just part of life unfortunately. While we cant

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Lets Talk Feminine Hygiene…

/ June 19, 2018

  I have noticed that Feminine Hygiene isn’t really a subject that is spoken about much, if at all in the beauty community. So many influencers, big and small, are always sharing their favourite beauty products, a lot which includes skin care but no one ever talks about skin care for your more delicate areas… I think this is a

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