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2 New Brow Products Every Girl Should Know About! #BrowGoals! | BrowFX

/ May 9, 2018

Brows on Fleek? You have probably heard of LashFX… well meet their new little sister BrowFX! You may or may not know that both LashFX and BrowFX are under the same company as Lash Perfect, which happen to be the brand of lash extensions i’ve been using for the last 2 or 3 years! I have always been amazed by

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How I combat my DRY AF lips! | Base. Lip Solve

/ May 7, 2018

      “Giving you the best of both products at a great price. Clinically proven to weaken the cause of cold sores. Lip Solve includes Liquorice root which is anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling, redness and discomfort. The effect of this is reduced frequency, intensity and duration of cold sores. The Bullet is perfect to use whilst you’re free from breakouts or

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An Eczema treatment that actually WORKS! | Potion London

/ May 2, 2018

So… thankfully I don’t have the misfortune of suffering from eczema myself, however my best bae (Remi) has suffered with it for years! Over the last 6 months to a year her skin has been particularly bad, so much so that she has used multiple medicated creams and tablets, and undergone various treatments! She has quite literally tried EVERYTHING, including

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Dishing the Tea on Profusion Makeup!

/ April 20, 2018

Affordable Makeup at its best! “Our mission has been to provide high-value cosmetics at inclusive prices regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or skill level.” – profusioncosmetics.co.uk   So recently I’ve been on a mission to find the ultimate affordable make up brand with the best quality! I have a few top runners so far and Profusion are definitely in the top 3! I’ve

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INC.Credible – The name says it all!

/ April 6, 2018

SAY HELLO TO A NEW WAVE OF AMAZING NAILS, LIPS, AND SKIN   If you didn’t already know, INC.redible are the sister brand of NailsINC. This is their new(ish) cosmetics/skincare line and I have to say it lives up to its name! INC.redible recently got in touch and asked if I wanted to try some of their products, and if

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31 ‘Must Have’ Beauty Products Tried & Tested!

/ March 21, 2018

So you may be thinking “why are you testing out so many products all at once?” and the answer to that question is, because im crazy! No, its actually because I wanted to do a little product to test out a bunch of new stuff, that I had no control over choosing and share it with you guys across all

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