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That time I got lock’d in a room…

/ July 4, 2018

  So if someone said to you they were going to lock you in a room with a bunch of random clues and puzzles to find and figure out in order to escape what would you say? Well I said hell yes! I have wanted to experience an escape room for years now but had never gotten around to actually

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Skin Care Treats From Pixi Beauty!

/ June 23, 2018

I am really fortunate being in the position I am in that sometimes brands will send me stuff to review. Recently I got my first PR package from Pixi beauty and I was so over the moon as I am a HUGE Pixi fan already, especially their skin care! I use Pixi skin care products on a daily basis already

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Paris Hilton X Boohoo | First look at the new collection!

/ June 22, 2018

  When I heard Paris Hilton and Boohoo had done a collaboration I knew I needed to check this out! I can honestly say that the collection is exactly what you’d expect from Paris and is completely and utterly authentic to her brand. For those of you who aren’t big on tiny dogs and ‘pretty in pink’ kinda vibes then

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Lets Talk Feminine Hygiene…

/ June 19, 2018

  I have noticed that Feminine Hygiene isn’t really a subject that is spoken about much, if at all in the beauty community. So many influencers, big and small, are always sharing their favourite beauty products, a lot which includes skin care but no one ever talks about skin care for your more delicate areas… I think this is a

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How I Keep My Teeth Sparkling Clean… and White! | Uber Sonic Club

/ June 8, 2018

Everyone wants to find the best way to keep their teeth clean and white and have that perfect smile, but a lot of people forget that you can use all these fancy products (myself included) but the best way to achieve a white smile is to just look after your teeth! I have been testing a new toothbrush on the

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The new collection from Laura Geller | Get Your Summer Colour Crush!

/ May 31, 2018

Where do I even start? This collection from Laura Geller are the first products I’ve ever tried from the brand! Ive always looked at products from the brand before and thought they looked nice but I’ve never actually gone ahead and purchased any to try! After testing out this collection I am wondering why I didn’t try the brand sooner!

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Too Faced Peaches & Cream! | Is it worth the hype?

/ May 29, 2018

Well Thats Just Peachy! ???   If you’ve tried any of the Too Faced chocolate or peach collection before, you will know that as well as the products being amazing quality they also smell like heaven! Recently Too Faced has launched their new Peaches and Cream collection in Debenhams, and from what I hear it is going down a treat!

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